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Posted on: jun 20, 2019 | Author: Manuel Pastor | Categories: Collections

One more season and with the same HO SOCCER enthusiasm, we are pleased to present the first release of our new HO SOCCER Summer 2019 collection, which we hope will delight all our fans.

This release will be divided into 2 parts, all full of new innovations.


In this first part we highlight the new color we have achieved within our star style this year the SUPREMO PRO II, where you will find the following new models:

ho soccer supremo pro ii pacific green

SUPREMO PRO II ROLL/NEGATIVE PACIFIC GREEN: new version of this top model in a minimalist or seamless line, in our hybrid cut: Roll/Negative "house brand" that gives that characteristic sensation of a second skin to the glove. Of course and how could it not be otherwise, the latex mounted on the palm of this glove is our AQUAFORMULA formulation, tested and used by our top-level professionals.

supremo pro II blackout

SUPREMO PRO II ROLL /NEGATIVE BLACKOUT: what could be considered one of the great achievements of this collection is this "all black" model included in this release. We have achieved a very aggressive and attractive aesthetic with this completely black look, where the palm is based on our AQUAFORMULA formulation achieved in black. And a hybrid roll/negative cut is also included this model.


SUPREMO PRO II NEGATIVE PACIFIC BLUE: here we have achieved a very successful aesthetic in the blue line of this SUPREMO PRO II model, in this case adapted with an AQUAFORMULA palm and a very tight NEGATIVE cut, which will surely please all the goalkeepers who need to feel the ball.

ho soccer lime spark

 SUPREMO PRO II KONTAKT EVOLUTION LIME SPARK: the last of the SUPREMO PRO II styles included in this release includes our characteristic new KONTAKT EVOLUTION cut, our evolution of the up to now classic Roll Finger that is receiving great reviews, due to its great adjustment eliminating the maximum amount of seams and interference. In this case, this glove incorporates a MEGAGRIP formulation palm in lime, which provides a very attractive aesthetic to this model.

A very interesting contribution for this release was to have a SUPREMO II version, according to the aesthetics of the models mentioned above, but adapted to different ranges of quality and price, so they can be available to all audiences.


We have made it possible to take these styles to a "mid-range", leaving no envy with their big brothers, in the following new models: SSG SUPREMO II ROLL/NEGATIVE PACIFIC GREEN, SSG SUPREMO II ROLL/NEGATIVE PACIFIC BLUESSG SUPREMO II ROLL /NEGATIVE BLACKOUT.


In these models the aesthetics is totally conserved, considering only the changes in the palm, SUPERSOFT latex formula with a very good balance between grip and durability. As well as the body of the glove which in this case is based on our TC FLEECE component; the construction provides lightness and a great regulation of the temperature of the hand inside the glove.


And of course for the smallest goalkeepers in the house, we offer a highlight version of this SUPREMO II family, which is found in the following new models: SUPREMO II NEGATIVE PACIFIC GREEN CLONE, SUPREMO II NEGATIVE PACIFIC BLUE CLONESUPREMO II NEGATIVE BLACKOUT CLONE.


These models are very interesting, since they incorporate a negative cut, which fits very well according to the anatomy of the fingers of the child's hand. In addition to being a glove with body, with a good fit it comes with an elastic 7 cm. wrist closure and a HARDSOFT formulation palm that will not only provide durability to the glove but also good grip sensations.


Last but not least, we must pay attention to these other styles that our classic goalkeeper fans will surely appreciate.  Styles that maintain the "classic" glove structure, goalkeeper gloves with body and with full latex back.


These new models are different not only for their aesthetics but mainly due to their palm typology:

ho soccer aquagrip gen 9

AQUAGRIP GEN 9: a more than legendary model from the brand that is already in its ninth generation. This model incorporates a palm with DUO MEGA 2.0 latex formulation, which includes a 1 mm internal latex sheet to the 4 mm. exterior latex providing a lot of cushioning to the glove, as well as an intense adjustment to the hand even in situations of high humidity.

ho soccer enigma gen9

ENIGMA GEN 9: also in its ninth generation, this well-known model from the brand, incorporates an AQUAFORMULA palm formulation, but above all stands out for its particular and unique negative cut, where the thumb is "separated", divided from the palm, which gives us a different feeling to that of any other model in the collection.


ho soccer kontakt

KONTAKT: this is another model that has also been with the brand since its inception, in this collection we have incorporated the new KONTAKT EVOLUTION cut to the palm, as well as a latex AQUAFORMULA formulation in orange.


We hope that these new goalkeeper gloves will be well received by our HO SOCCER goalkeeper fans and that they can appreciate all the hard work that goes into developing each and every one of our collections.

Stay tuned in the following weeks where we will present the second part of our goalkeeper glove release from our "Summer 2019" collection.

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