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Posted on: jul 31, 2020 | Author: Juan Carlos Sala | Categories: Collections

We are proud to present the new Ho Soccer 2020 Summer collection, the most extensive collection featuring new models and with important innovations. As every year, we have taken great care in the development of each model, from the choice of materials, cut adjustments and balance in design.


It has been months of hard work, hundreds of tests and talks with professional goalkeepers to create the best and most balanced collection possible. All this as always, under the opinions of our clients and professional goalkeepers.

Therefore, we can say that we are dealing with the best collection of gloves created to date, designed so that each goalkeeper finds their ideal glove.

 We start with the ELITE range, where the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC NEGATIVE PACIFIC is said to be one of the revelation gloves of the season. 

A careful aesthetic in which we have developed an unprecedented fit despite not having a closure band. Chosen by high-level goalkeepers such as Lola Gallardo, who trusts this model for the new season at the almighty Olympique de Lyon.

This spectacular model has a BREATHAPRENE® body and the new SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system. As for latex, it has the new “MAGNETIC” latex, a high-end latex with excellent grip in any weather condition.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020

Continuing with the ELITE range, we present the PHENOMENON PRO, with similar characteristics to its older brother, but adding a closure strap for the most classic goalkeepers.

You can find this model in 3 colors, two of them with a Roll Negative cut and one in Negative. We have chosen for this goalkeeper glove model the new TX200 palm formulation, a palm that will more than satisfy the grip needs in high humidity conditions for the most demanding goalkeeper.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020

If you like protections, we present, as in every collection, the PROTEK NEGATIVE, a high-end model with AQUAFORMULA latex and removable protections through a zipper on the back.


 new hosoccer summer collection 2020

3 years ago we presented a new cut, created and developed by HO SOCCER, the Kontakt Evolution. It is an evolution of the classic ROLL FINGER, but with the palm in one piece.

 Thus, we renew the KONTAKT model applying this new cut. You already know the rest, high quality latex back and AQUAFORMULA palm used by hundreds of professional goalkeepers around the world.

 Another model in the Elite range within this release corresponds to the GUERRERO PRO ROLL NEGATIVE. Those who know this model know it is a quality full latex model, with a ROLL NEGATIVE cut and high-end AQUAFORMULA latex for a perfect fit and feeling of security.

To finish with the high range, we present 3 models within the ESKUDO family. You can find the models in the 3 most popular versions of cuts, the ROLL / GECKO, ROLL NEGATIVE and NEGATIVE. All of them with the MEGAGRIP palm, a very versatile latex formulation that offers great effectiveness and performance in both dry and wet terrains.

These models come with very aggressive colors that are applied on the neoprene body, which reinforces the 3D GEL 2.0 oversize, giving that feeling of armed goalkeeper glove on this interesting model.

new hosoccer summer collection 2020


Within the PRO range we feature the SSG PHENOMENON range, possibly the best value for money gloves on the market. You can choose between 3 different models with innovative aesthetics and colors.

The SSG PHENOMENON range have a great fit thanks to their negative cut, a good balance between lightness and reinforcement thanks to their new generation TC FLEECE body combined with the 3D GEL 2.0 system on the back. To all this adding the mounting of the SUPERSOFT latex formulation on the palm, with a perfect balance between grip and durability.

A perfect combination for this safe investment, which will provide us with everything we ask of a goalkeeper glove in its range.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020


Another of the models included in this PRO range is the Premier Guerrero, present for years in each collection and that goalkeepers like so much. Like the SSG Phenomenon range, we can say that it is a model with a value for your money that is difficult to match.

These models have PREMIERSOFT latex attached with a synthetic latex back that will make you feel the same comfort as a high-end model.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020


As for the COMPETITION range, we want to introduce you to the new FIRST SUPERLIGHT models that were presented a few months ago and which continue to give great results. It is an ULTRA-LIGHT model, possibly the lightest on the market and now presented in a striking color combination. Both models come with UCG palm and also available from sizes 3 to 11 including half sizes. Without a doubt also another great model within this new release.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020


And of course, we continue with the ONE family. Who has not tried one? We are talking about a wide range that comes equipped with different cuts and colors. They are valid both for tough trainings and for games since they come equipped with the UCG palm.

We also have a version with the new ROBUST palm, with excellent resistance.

In addition, the entire ONE family comes standard with the renewed design of the exclusive AAS (Anti Abrasion System).

These gloves can also be found from sizes 3 to 11 including half sizes.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020


As for the TRAINING range, you can find it in PRIMARY PROTEK, available in 2 colors. This model has 5 protections and a resistant synthetic palm, practically impossible to break. A glove with body and good fit on the wrist that make it a highly recommended model in its range.


We also find the CLONE PHENOMENON family, presenting 3 versions, replicas of their high-end older brothers. A model with a very good fit thanks to its negative cut and its elastic wristband, which also mounts the HARDSOFT palm formulation that provides good cushioning and above all durability, but with certain grip sensations.


new hosoccer summer collection 2020

And finally, we present you a more basic but not less interesting family, the INITIAL. Created for the little ones, since it starts from size 2 and has a HARDSOFT palm. It also has a very soft and light body; they will provide a good fit thanks to their elastic wristband. The gloves also incorporate a window on the closure strap that will allow them to be personalized.


We hope you liked our new Ho Soccer collection. For our part, we have done our best to make it possible.


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