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This year the HO Soccer collection arises plenty of powerful goalkeeper gloves.


In a wide range of qualities, we can find from first-price gloves, cheap and durable, to top range gloves that will make the ball go straight to your hands.

modelos entrenamiento

As training gloves we find the trainer/initial range, ideal for small goalkeepers as they are durable, comfortable, at a good price and available from size 2.

We also have a version with finger protections, the Primary Protek model, for training without risk of injury. Ideal for both children and adults.

guantes competicion

In the competition range we find the classic ONE models, ideal for goalkeepers of all ages due to their versatility on different soccer fields and their fantastic quality/price rate. In this edition we can find them with UCG white palm in flat and roll/negative cuts.

We also find two new versions of our flagship FIRST model, the FIRST SUPERLIGHT and the FIRST EVOLUTION. Both in negative cut, they are the lightest, and their great adaptability to the hand makes these gloves a great choice if what you are looking for is speed in your movements at an unbeatable price.

modelos premier

One of the surprises for this 2022 has been the incorporation of the Premier Phenomenon model. With its premier palm extended to the wrist and its neoprene backhand, it's being one of this year's best sellers as we have it available in various cuts and colors. Its closure system with elastics in both sides, as well as the composition of the glove body, make it fit perfectly and provides us with great freedom of movement.

With the same palm quality, we find the Premier SC model, but with a backhand structure with the classic strap and semi-elastic wristband. On their textile backhand, are included two gel plates specially designed to protect in fist clearance, which gives the glove great stability and a reinforced sensation.

modelos ssg

The SSG models have been a revolution this 2022 and they are here to stay with us for a long time.

With a classic fastening system made up of an elastic wristband and a closing band with 2 anchors, it provides us with a perfect fit to the wrist, allowing us to adjust the width according to our size. In addition, it incorporates an Ergo 3D gel backhand, highly adaptable to movements, and at the same time provides a perfect barrier in the knuckle area.

modelo guerrero roll finger

The timeless Guerrero comes in 2022 with a modern and striking style, but bringing back the classic rollfinger cut. For lovers of this peculiar cut, the Guerrero Pro is the model par excellence, since thanks to its reinforced backhand, perfect fit of the wrist and top quality aquaformula latex palm, we obtain a professional range glove that will give us maximum performance in each game.

modelo phenomenon pro duo

The great winner of 2021 was undoubtedly the Phenomenon Pro. With its Breathaprene ® backhand and the Soft Silicone embossing system, it offers a pack of comfort, support and light construction. On this occasion, it counts with a 4 mm DUO MEGA 2.0 latex palm. + 1mm. completely flat internal latex. This palm provides a perfect surface for holding the hand inside, even in extreme wet conditions.

modelo phenomenon magnetic orange

With no doubt, one of the best seamless gloves on the market. Since the launch of this model, the Magnetic palm has been a total success among goalkeepers, since, after removing the protective plastic film, it provides us with extreme grip from the first minute of use.

Likewise, the refined construction of this glove makes it fit perfectly both on the wrist and on the back of the palm, offering us maximum comfort and a second-skin feeling in our saves.

modelo legend red

The model that has revolutionized the market for seamless gloves is, without a doubt, the Legend negative. Its ingenious Multi-fit closure system, developed by the HO Soccer team, allows us a closure versatility never seen before on the fields. Up to 5 different ways of anchoring make it easy for us to completely adapt the glove to our hand, even independently of one from another, which also allows us to adapt it to our needs at all times. All this, together with its Breatheprene® backhand and the Magnetic palm extended to the wrist, make the Legend negative model a safe bet if you are looking for maximum quality and the latest technology.

modelo aquagrip 20 aniversario

If you are a lover of the classics, you are in luck, since the Aquagrip model returns in its most retro version. Emulating the original 2009 model, the Aquagrip special edition retro model mounts a 4 mm DUO MEGA 2.0 latex palm. + 1mm. of internal latex on a body in the new ROBUST-TC FLEECE component, designed to provide great comfort and firmness to the glove. The traditional flat cut and the 5mm latex overlay are joined this time by an extended palm up to the wrist and a closure system made up of a wide central elastic area on the wrist.


A collection with variety and a wide range of prices and qualities that you will surely love.

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