Hard Ground

The goalkeeper glove Basic range is perfect for training, for their resistant and economical gloves. The perfect Ho Soccer training range for goalkeepers looking for gloves with a resistant palm.

Más información sobre Hard Ground

The basic range of goalkeeper gloves comprises the most affordable models in the collection. These gloves are designed for goalkeepers who are just starting out in the world of goalkeeping, as the gloves in the basic range are typically durable and budget-friendly. When we begin as football goalkeepers, we might not handle the gloves correctly, leading them to wear out more quickly. Also, at the beginning, lacking proper technique or being young might not necessitate having higher-quality gloves. This, however, is more of a personal consideration.

The basic range features the most durable gloves in the collection, equipped mainly with synthetic palms. Synthetic palms are the most resistant but offer less grip. Models like the Beast, for example, are perfect for artificial pitches, as they are the first gloves specifically designed for such surfaces. Then you have the well-known Primary model, which also combines a synthetic palm, offering great durability and finger protections.

The basic range is also intended for children, with all models available in children's sizes, and many of them exclusively offered in kids' sizes. These gloves are affordable and designed to be resistant, which are the main characteristics parents look for when buying gloves for their children.

In summary, Ho Soccer's basic range of goalkeeper gloves offers good value for money and durability while not compromising on the quality that Ho Soccer gloves are known for. Even though they belong to the basic range, these models still provide a guaranteed level of structure, comfort, and fit.