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en: jul 4, 2018 | por: Carlos Cremades
From Ho Soccer we want to give a huge welcome to the team to Lola Gallardo,...
en: jun 5, 2018 | por: Carlos Cremades
We want to celebrate the FC Barcelona female and specially its two...
en: mar 7, 2018 | por: Carlos Cremades
On December 2017 we presented the first preview of the goakeeper gloves of...
en: ago 2, 2017 | por: HO Soccer
Football is a team sport where each player and each move are important, but...

Goalkeeper gloves.

Ho Soccer is a brand specialized in goalkeeper gloves. We have been equipping the goalkeepers with the best material on the market for more than 10 years. Within this material, it emphasizes the goalkeeper gloves, without a doubt the product star of the brand. Ho Soccer has year after year one of the more complete collections of gloves of the market, with great variety of models that adapt to all the necessities of the goalkeeper. You have the great range of gloves with protections, gloves without protections. You can find equipped gloves of goalkeeper with some of the best palms of the market. You have resistant goalkeeper gloves for children, resistant gloves, cuts and exclusive technologies of the brand. We invite to you to know the great variety of our star product and all the new features that year after year Ho Soccer incorporates to their star products.

Goalkeeper equipment.

At Ho Soccer we are a brand specializing in football goalkeepers and as such we want to cover all the equipment needs that goalkeepers require. In our collection you can find goalkeeper pants with protections, long trousers3/4 and shorts. Also goalkeeper jersey with long sleeves protections, goalkeeper jerseys without short sleeve protections. You can find all these models in a variety of designs and colors, you will surely find one you like. We also think about the equipment of the youngest ones and you have a jersey available for children with protections and goalkeeper trousers. And our goalkeeper pack exclusive for kids, the Kid Keeper Set, with a goalkeeper jersey for children and trousers with protections. If you want quality, trust the Ho Soccer goalkeeper equipment.

Streetwear and thermal.

We know that goalkeepers and players do not live on a football field. That's why Ho Soccer offers you a complete collection of street clothes. Every player needs a tracksuit or a raincoat or a sweatshirt, available in different colors if possible. Well in Ho Soccer you can find the Performance Tracksuit or the Performance Raincoat, very comfortable training shirts and raincoats for the days of wind and rain, do you need something else? Well, we also have a large collection of thermal clothes. Ho Soccer thermal clothes are ideal for putting them under your training clothes on the coldest days. Thermal shirts, thermal pants, shorts, shorts, 3/4 pants, etc. Now we are sure that at Ho Soccer we have everything you need.