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Posted on: dic 4, 2019 | Author: Manuel Pastor | Categories: Collections

December 2019 date in which HO SOCCER has the pleasure of presenting among other novelties, its new PHENOMENON family, a family born to mark a turning point in the brand's catalog to date.


As well as other important developments such as the FIRST SUPERLIGHT model, a different and innovative model which has garnered very good reviews since its conception, especially due to its exceptional price range.

In short, a very important and enthusiastic launch for us this 2020 Preview, which we will detail below.



The PHENOMENON model will be available in all brand´s price/quality categories for the new 2020 collection: PHENOMENON PRO, SSG PHENOMENON and CLONE PHENOMENON. In addition to the special top variant of this new family, the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC.


phenomenon magnetic ho soccer 2020

This PHENOMENON MAGNETIC model becomes the brand´s first model that for the first time eliminates the closure strap on the wrist, which has required an important R&D process that gives us this sense of security and adjustment on this area.

The new MAGNETIC” latex formulation has a very high level of grip, especially in dry terrain, which will meet the goalkeeper´s needs at the highest level.

It is a type of palm activated from minute 0, which will provide us with an optimal grip throughout its useful life, once the plastic protection that covers it is removed to avoid dirt and adhesions until the glove arrives at the hands of the goalkeeper. This palm is mounted on a negative cut, under a new construction of a completely ergonomic glove.


Also noteworthy is the new BREATHAPRENE® component used on the back/body of the glove, which provides above all a high level of lightness, breathability and elasticity to the glove. On which a new SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system is added that allows focus mainly on the contact areas with the ball without adding weight to the glove.


phenomenon pro ho soccer 2020

Accompanying this model in the Elite range we have another new top model, the PHENOMENON PRO ROLL /NEGATIVE.

This model does include a closure strap in this case, a strap with an elastic area insert for a custom fit, and the same BREATHAPRENE® body already mentioned, but above all we must highlight its new TX200 palm formulation, mounted on the Special hybrid Roll/Negative brand´s signature cut.

This new high-level palm will cover the needs of the most demanding goalkeepers in any type of terrain, both for its level of grip and cushioning.

This palm will also provide us with an extra grip on wet ground, since it has been thoroughly tested in extreme humidity conditions, adapting perfectly to the grip level on the latest types of balls and playing surfaces.

ssg phenomenon ho soccer 2020


On the other hand and also very remarkable, we find the SSG PHENOMENON NEGATIVE model, available in 2 colors.

This is a type of “battle” model, which gives us a great result in any type of terrain thanks to its SUPERSOFT palm, in addition to being a light profile/second skin glove, thanks to its Negative cut and new generation TC FLEECE body, together with the 3D GEL 2.0 system on the back.

clone phenomenon ho soccer 2020

Last but not least, the models that close this new family are those corresponding to the CLONE PHENOMENON.

A goalkeeper glove model aimed primarily for the younger goalkeepers in the family and providing a great quality/price ratio, as we recently highlighted in our Clone model blog post.




guerrero pro ho soccer 2020

If there is another model to highlight in this new launch of the Elite range is the GUERRERO PRO model.

A model that by characteristics, quality and design, will not leave anyone indifferent.

We are talking about a model with body and complete high quality latex back that mounts on the more than recognized AQUAFORMULA palm on a Negative cut.




eskudo action ho soccer 2020

Another very remarkable family on this new launch is the one corresponding to the ESKUDO ACTION model.


A model that based on the new ESKUDO launched in 2019, now incorporates a palm variant to choose between a hybrid Roll/Negative cut or a simple Negative cut, with a new very aggressive and colorful aesthetic thanks to its “camouflage” design.


Here we come to what in this case refers to a single model for this release, but that will surely be accompanied by new versions and colors for this coming 2020, due to its good acceptance.

first super light ho soccer 2020

This model especially stands out for its great lightness, a goalkeeper glove model within the seamless line or second skin as we like to call it, but taken to the extreme, since it could probably be one of the lightest gloves in the market at this time.

 This also clearly implied important R&D work so that within this extreme lightness, the glove continues to retain its structure, construction and feelings of security that a goalkeeper glove should give us as such.

If we add the fact this model is accompanied by a negative cut as it could not be any other, mounted on a BLACK UCG palm and in a more than competitive price line, makes this FIRST SUPERLIGHT a model to take into account in the new collection.



As always within each new release we incorporate different versions to the ONE family.

one ho soccer 2020

A family with a very good reputation and very well received every year in our different launches; this time completely redesigned which offers us remarkable incorporations such as the new design of the exclusive AAS system (Anti Abrasion System) or the model version with the new ROBUST palm. This new synthetic palm formulation is specially designed for its duration on the most aggressive terrain. 



Another great addition to the brand catalog at this time is the new INITIAL model.

initial ho soccer 2020

With this model we have tried to combine the construction and different quality details in a glove at a competitive price and with the novelty of being available now from size 2, for the smallest goalkeepers in the family.





And we could not forget the lovers of gloves with protections, which in this release we have several new models in this field.

 protek ho soccer 2020

These include the PROTEK FLAT model, a top quality model included in the Elite range that includes 5 removable protections developed with the 3.0 system.

In the Competition range we can find a version of the new ONE family also with 5 protections (not removable), this being the ONE FLAT PROTEK model.

And lastly, a highly recommended model in this section with protections would be the new PRIMARY PROTEK, which incorporates the resistant synthetic ORANGE DURAGRIP palm, as well as 5 various anatomical protection on the back (not removable).


Once again, from HO SOCCER we are excited with the launch of our new range of goalkeeper gloves for 2020 that we hope you receive and enjoy as much as we have done so during the creation process.

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