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Posted on: abr 14, 2020 | Author: Manuel Pastor | Categories: Collections

APRIL 2020, day when HO SOCCER presents its new EASTER goalkeeper glove collection. In this launch we will find a careful selection of goalkeeper glove models for these dates, some of them a continuation of the new 2020 collection, now available at our online store but these new models elevated to the next level.


We will detail these new goalkeeper gloves, starting as always with the ELITE range, in which we find the flagship of this launch, the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC NEGATIVE LIME SHADOW. A spectacular model that stands out both in terms of quality and aesthetics, in a black/lime color combination.

With the current basis of the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC model with back/body in BREATHAPRENE® and the new SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system, an already innovative model that eliminated the closure strap on the wrist, the new model incorporates a "MAGNETIC" latex formulation, but now in an amazing new fluor lime color.

new ho soccer easter 2020 collection

This new variant of the palm maintains of course all its properties with a very high level of grip, especially in dry terrain and delivering its full potential from minute 0 of use, from the removal of the fine plastic cover that protects this latex until arrival at the goalkeeper's hands.

Continuing with the ELITE range, we now have the new version of another of the great novelties of this 2020 collection, the PHENOMENON PRO ROLL/NEGATIVE BLUE.

A model to which a blue aesthetic has been applied as the name indicates, with the same body and back characteristics as the previous Magnetic model, but in this case with the special Roll/Negative hybrid cut Ho Soccer´s specialty and this time yes having a closure strap with elastic zone insert for a perfect fit.

new ho soccer easter 2020 collection

Also, let's not forget that this Phenomenon Pro variant includes the new TX200 palm formulation, a palm that will more than satisfy the grip needs in high humidity conditions for the most demanding goalkeeper.

Now, one of the classic models within the Elite family of gloves in this new release, the AQUAGRIP genX. A model well known, since it has been within our collection practically from the beginning of the brand. A model that will give us a lot of body, a lot of armor, since the entire back is covered in high quality latex with an embossed engraving that facilitates the mobility of the hand.

In addition this model mounts the DUO MEGA 2.0 palm, which incorporates an internal layer of latex and will allow us to fix our hand completely on the glove, even in conditions of extreme humidity. A top palm that provides very good sensations and especially great cushioning. 

The latest model in the Elite range within this launch corresponds to the GUERRERO PRO NEGATIVE WHITEOUT, a model that is especially attractive for goalkeepers who like the classic and “clean” glove, since it is a glove with a mainly white aesthetic . A model that, like its predecessor, will not leave anyone indifferent, due to its quality, its negative cut mold and its high-end latex that is found both on the back and on the palm, as always with the more than proven Aquaformula formulation .

We now turn to the PRO range of this new family of gloves, where we find two very remarkable and more than interesting models, the SSG PHENOMENON NEGATIVE LIME SHADOW and the SSG PHENOMENON NEGATIVE BLUE.

These models have a great fit thanks to their negative cut, a good balance between lightness and reinforcement thanks to their new generation TC FLEECE body combined with the 3D GEL 2.0 system on the back. To all this we add the SUPERSOFT latex formulation on the palm mount, with a perfect balance between grip and durability.

A perfect combination for this safe investment, which will provide us with everything we ask for in a goalkeeper glove in this range.

Continuing now with the selection of models within the COMPETITION range of this launch, we find the ONE family.

ONE FLAT BLACK LEGEND in flat cut and BLACK UCG palm, ONE NEGATIVE ROBUST SPEED BLUE in negative cut and the new ROBUST palm and ONE KONTAKT NEON GREEN in Kontakt Evolution cut and UCG palm, are these models will give us interesting qualities from a family that also incorporates the new design of the exclusive AAS (Anti Abrasion System).

These gloves can also be found from sizes 3 to 11 including half sizes.

new ho soccer easter 2020 collection

Another good surprise incorporated into this launch is the new FIRST SUPERLIGHT PACIFIC model. There is little to add to the new version of this ultralight model that has been so well accepted since its launch and is now presented in a striking blue and lime color scheme.

In addition, it has been mounted with a LIME UCG palm and also available from size 3 to 11 including half sizes. Without a doubt also another great model within this new release.

And closing this selection of Easter 2020 HO SOCCER goalkeeper glove models, from the TRAINING range in this case, we are going to find an interesting model with 5 protections, the PRIMARY PROTEK FLAT VERDANT, which incorporates a resistant synthetic LIME DURAGRIP palm. A goalkeeper glove with body and good fit on the wrist that makes it a highly recommended model in its range.

Advancing a little to another of the interesting families in this collection, due to its great quality / price ratio, we find the CLONE PHENOMENON NEGATIVE BLUE. A model with a very good fit thanks to its negative cut and its elastic wristband, which also includes a HARDSOFT palm formulation that provides good cushioning and above all durability, but with certain grip sensations.

And last but not least, we find the new INITIAL FLAT ARCHITECT WHITE model. A more than interesting model that is also available from size 2 and to which we dedicated an exclusive post not long ago highlighting its properties.

This glove incorporates the before mentioned HARDSOFT latex formulation on the palm with a traditional flat cut, a very soft and light body that will provide a good fit thanks to its elastic wristband and it also incorporates a window on the closure strap that will allow customization of the glove.

A launch in which HO SOCCER has put as always all its enthusiasm and commitment, which we hope you can enjoy these days in which soccer continues, but from home, gathering strength to very soon be able to feel the field and ball again.

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