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MAY 2021 date in which HO SOCCER arrives strong and loaded with great innovations that are incorporated into the new...
In may 12, 2021 | By Manuel Pastor

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Posted on: may 12, 2021 | Author: Manuel Pastor | Categories: Collections

MAY 2021 date in which HO SOCCER arrives strong and loaded with great innovations that are incorporated into the new collection of high quality goalkeeper gloves. As is customary, it is a careful and valued selection of models that  cover all the needs and prices of our loyal goalkeepers.


We start as always with the outstanding glove models from the ELITE range, where this time we are going to find an interesting battle between two opposing models in terms of typology, but which due to their great features and aesthetics are sure to please many of our goalkeepers.

phenomenon magnetic II

On the one hand we find the seamless model par excellence of the collection, the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC II ROCKET BLUE, a model without a closure strap, really groundbreaking in its aesthetics with touches of blue, mounted on a “MAGNETIC” latex formulation palm. As for the rest of the outstanding parts of this model, its body is made with BREATHAPRENE® and the back includes the SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system, all accompanied by a Negative cut of the fingers under an ergonomic construction

guerrero pro ho soccer 2021

On the other hand and in another price range we have the armed glove which has been gaining attention throughout the years, the GUERRERO PRO NEGATIVE CLASSIC BLUE. A very attractive model at the design level, but above all with very careful qualities that will satisfy the needs of any top-level goalkeeper. Full latex back, negative cut and latex palm with the proven AQUAFORMULA formulation, are some of the significant details that define this great model.

phenomenon pro II negative pearl grean ho soccer

And closing this ELITE range of gloves of this launch, we find two other very interesting models, such as the PHENOMENON PRO II PEARL GREEN, a “brother” model of the previously mentioned Magnetic, but in this case with a closure strap and mounted with the TX200 latex formulation, a palm that will satisfy any goalkeeper grip needs in high humidity conditions

eskudo ii ho soccer 2021

And on the other hand, the most particular and differentiated model from the rest of the collection, the ESKUDO II ROLL / NEGATIVE SHOCK PINK. A robust model, mainly due to its construction with a Neoprene body and 3D GEL 2.0 back. In addition, this model incorporates the PINK MEGAGRIP palm and the special Hybrid Roll / Negative cut specialty of the brand..

And going from one range to another, we find ourselves in the PRO range, two new and interesting models.

premier guerrero ho soccer 2021

In this range we have the PREMIER GUERRERO NEGATIVE FLASH LIME, a very upward mid-range goalkeeper glove with a LIME PREMIERSOFT palm and a Negative cut, along with a robust construction, this glove offers great sensations both in training and during matches.

ssg eskudo ho soccer 2021

Also included in the pro line we find the younger brother of the ESKUDO II model, the one that must be taken into account and no less important, because it is another one of these models that offers very high quality,we are talking aobut the SSG ESKUDO II ROLL / NEGATIVE CRYSTAL RED. In the palm of this great model we find a SUPERSOFT latex, with a perfect balance between grip and durability, which is very well accompanied by the 3D GEL 2.0 system on the back mounted on a lightweight TC FLEECE body.

Moving on to the COMPETITION range within this launch, the first model to highlight is none other than our ultralight model that is receiving great reviews, mainly due to its quality / price ratio, in addition to being a model that comes in a wide variety of sizes, from size 3 to 11 including half sizes.

first superlight warning ho soccer 2021

Within this range we have the new FIRST SUPERLIGHT WARNING, a model that mounts a WARNING UCG palm, with the characteristic Negative cut which together with the LIGHT-TC FLEECE body and the SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system on the back, makes this glove fit the hand like a second skin.

Next we find the FIRST SUPELIGHT BLUE BLOOD model, a really attractive model at an aesthetic level due to its combination of blue and gold tones, which shares the same properties as the aforementioned model at a quality level.

And as it could it be otherwise, within this range we find the models within the recognized and proven ONE glove family. A family of gloves that, due to their performance, are undoubtedly considered one of the best quality-price options in the collection and also available in a wide range of sizes, from size 3 to 11 including half sizes.

This time we have two models in flat cut, on one hand the ONE FLAT BURGUNDY, with UCG palm and the exclusive AAS (Anti Abrasion System) that always accompanies these models and on the other hand, the ONE FLAT ROBUST DEEP BLUE, a model also in a flat cut but in this case using the ROBUST synthetic palm formulation, which is mainly based on resistance on high abrasion terrain

And accompanying the previous ONE models, two models in this case with a Negative cut, one being especially attractive due to its aggressive aesthetic mix of black and fluor green, the ONE NEGATIVE GREEN SHADOW, a model with a BLACK UCG latex palm that incorporates the AAS system.  The other Negative cut model that we find is the ONE NEGATIVE NEON LME, a model with a UCG palm that also incorporates the interesting AAS system, designed to protect the most affected area of ​​the palm during falls.

And last but not least, of course, we find the family of models within the TRAINING range of this launch. On the one hand, the star model of the collection for all goalkeeperslooking for protection and durability at a very affordable price, the PRIMARY PROTEK FLAT BLUE ATTACK. This model has a Flat cut, with protections (not removable) that stand out mainly for its BLACK DURAGRIP synthetic palm, a palm with a lot of durability on any type of terrain.

Also included in this collection are two very interesting models with a HARDSOFT latex palm, which provides good cushioning, durability and certain grip sensations for young goalkeepers. One in Negative cut, the CLONE PHENOMEON II ROCKET BLUE and the other in FLAT cut, the INITIAL FLAT PINK.

And last but not least we have the TRAINER ORANGE model, which is a very good option in terms of a first-time glove for its price to qualit ratio  which has arrived to this launch with a very aggressive aesthetic, in black and fluor orange tones.

From Ho Soccer we hope that this new collection of high quality goalkeeper gloves will help you keep a clean sheet!

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