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December is always a month full of innovation, enthusiasm and new arrivals for HO SOCCER.

We’re excited to present this year’s 2022 collection as the most complete and rich to this date.

With the new models, we’re adapting to the future, incorporating new materials and technologies, always with the objective to support you in reaching your highest potential as a goalkeeper.

We would like to introduce a line that marks and represents the 20 years spent together as part of the HO SOCCER family. The MGC delights the most nostalgic by retaining the essence of HO SOCCER’s original model MGC.

This iconic model arrives with a vintage aesthetic but is renewed according to the modern times. 

Available in 3 color options, one of its main features is its negative cut. Following the construction of this mythical model, in which the latex from the palm wraps around the fingers: thumb, index and little finger, providing an increased grip due to the number of contact areas with the ball. Its latex backhand is mounted on a TC FLEECE body, providing lightness and great comfort, as well as an optimal control of the hand temperature inside the glove.

All of this, adjusted by means of a Velcro fastening strap made entirely of latex and with the initials "MGC" integrated, combined with a 9 cm elastic semi-wristband.

A top glove, of professional quality, classic and pure in its construction, that will surely connect with HO SOCCER nostalgics.

And continuing with the presentation of this new collection, we go directly to the main course, the flagship that always precedes each new collection of the brand within the ELITE range.

A totally revolutionary model that will undoubtedly be the most talked about in the field since its launch.

This model is called LEGEND and is presented in two classic yet contemporary colors, the LEGEND NEGATIVE NEBULA ORANGE and LEGEND NEGATIVE NEBULA LIME.

And with a very careful quality that will satisfy the needs of any goalkeeper of the highest level.

BREATHAPRENE(R) backhand, which provides an extreme lightness, at the same time as a great feeling of firmness and envelopment to the glove. SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system, mainly structured on the areas in contact with the ball.

Negative cut, under a new, completely ergonomic glove construction, with latex wrapping on the thumb and also on the outer side of the hand for perfect ergonomics. The palm also extends to the wrist, thus providing a larger contact surface with the ball.

But undoubtedly the most important novelty is that it incorporates the new and revolutionary system: MULTI FIT, where we find different and practically unlimited adjustment options for the glove, with or without a fastening strap. Thanks to its two differentiated zones of elastic Velcro on the backhand and its independent closing strap also made of elastic Velcro, this model allows multiple adjustment possibilities with the function of fitting the glove in a perfect and totally personalized way to the goalkeeper.

And continuing with the ELITE range, on the one hand we find the seamless model par excellence of the collection, the PHENOMENON MAGNETIC III NEGATIVE BLAZE, a model without closure strap, really groundbreaking in its aesthetics, thanks also to mount the palm with the latex formulation "MAGNETIC" in a vibrant lime color. As for the rest of the highlights of this model, its body in BREATHAPRENE® and the back that includes the SOFT SILICONE 3.0 engraving system, all accompanied by a negative cut of the fingers under an ergonomic construction.

And on the other hand, we find two other very interesting models and "brothers" of the above mentioned.

On the one hand the PHENOMEON PRO III NEGATIVE BLUR ORANGE, very similar to the Phenomenon Magnetic model, but in this case with closing strip and mounting in the palm the TX200 latex formulation, a palm that will satisfy the needs of grip at the highest level and in conditions of high humidity of any goalkeeper.

And if you prefer more classic designs, don't worry, because this year HO SOCCER also returns to its origins with the PHENOMENON PRO III ROLL FINGER BLACK, with a classic black/white look and the traditional Roll Finger cut, which makes it a "new classic".

Also within the ELITE range, we find our models par excellence with removable protections on the fingers, the PROTEK: ERGO FLAT FLAT WATER BLUE in flat cut and NEGATIVE RACE ORANGE in negative cut. This year they come with a renewed design but with the features that we know and that all goalkeepers who choose these models trust. The high-end models incorporate an AQUAFÓRMULA palm, well known by lovers of the brand and with a fabulous grip that is hard to match. A latex backhand mounted on a body made of ROBUST-TC FLEECE material, 5 removable protections and our characteristic Micro-strap 3D system, make the PROTEK model the favorite goalkeeper glove with protections on the market. 

Also for his "brothers" with non-removable protections, within the training range we find a design transferred from the high-end model in two colors, flat cut, breathable mesh body and DURAGRIP palm, a palm of great resistance in all types of terrain. All this makes the PRIMARY PROTEK a glove highly valued for its performance and durability, and one of the best sellers among amateur goalkeepers and the youngest members of the family.

Closing off the ELITE range, two classics of the brand: the PRO CURVED model and the GUERRERO model. Both recover the classic Roll Finger cut, with latex covering the entire contour of the fingers. A type of palm that provides maximum safety and an increased performance due to its large surface grip. Our classic GUERRERO PRO arrives in 2022 with a renewed and futuristic image in yellow and silver. The PRO CURVED on the other hand, retains the classic body in Polar Fleece fabric and this time surprises us with an aggressive "blackout" design for this classic model. All of this mounted with a high quality latex backhand, rounding off gloves of a curated quality.

And moving on to the Professional range, two novelties burst with force this season in HO SOCCER’s glove family. Two models that, due to their technology, their wide range of sizes (5, 6, 7 to 11 with half sizes) and their fantastic value for money, are sure to become one of the favorite options for goalkeepers loyal to the brand.

On one hand we find another of the great novelties in this release, the PREMIER PHENOMENON model, in black/lime version and Negative cut and also in another black/pink version and Roll-Negative hybrid cut.

These models maintain the same construction of the Elite Phenomenon Magnetic range model, but with adapted materials that reflect their price level.

Following the trend of gloves without strap, its main feature is its construction with a double elastic zone located on the sides of the wrist, which perfectly fit this special model without closure strap.

What makes this model unique in its range is its neoprene body and its PREMIERSOFT palm. This palm provides very good results both for match and training due to its high resistance, giving a good balance between grip and durability of the glove.

And next to the previous one and also as a great novelty in this collection in the Professional range, we find the new SSG LEGEND model in two cutting versions: Negative and Roll/negative. Both with very striking designs, incorporating new reinforcements system on the back of the glove, called ERGO 3D GEL, consisting of gel pieces that adapt to the ergonomics of the hand and at the same time provide a feeling of protection and reinforcement, mainly on the knuckle area. All this is mounted on the new TOUCH LINING body, built to provide great comfort and robustness to the glove.

As for the palm, the SSG LEGEND ROLL/NEGATIVE METEOR BLUE model features the SUPERSOFT latex version, a latex already known at HO SOCCER but very effective in its performance on the field.

For the SSG LEGEND NEGATIVE METEOR WHITE model, a novelty is incorporated in the palm mounting the new SUPERSOFT+ latex of 3 mm. + 3 mm. of foam, which has Extra Grip paint inserts, providing a better grip.

Within the Competition range, our new models; the FIRST SUPERLIGHT family, one of the favorites in this price range, with the permission of the ONE family, which in its time revolutionized the goalkeeper glove market, back when it was launched in 2020.

In this release we find two color options, a more classic one on the FIRST SUPERLIGHT NEGATIVE CLASSIC BLUE and a more aggressive one on the FIRST SUPERLIGHT NEGATIVE GRAFFITI.


The best thing is that this year this family is strengthened with the incorporation of the new FIRST EVOLUTION. A model incorporating a new adjustment system without strap, which also extends the palm to the wrist, making it one of the lightest gloves on the market.

In addition, the new backhand design with the SOFT SILICONE 3.0 system provides body and safety to the glove.

In short, if you are looking for maximum adaptability to movements, as well as extreme lightness and a palm with a good grip/resistance ratio, the FIRST models with or without strap will be your best choice for this season.

Also within the Competition range, every year we find the ONE family. A variety of models of proven quality and of which there is little more to add, since its quality/price ratio, along with its exclusive AAS system incorporated in the palm and that protects the area most affected by abrasion, make this model an essential for any goalkeeper.

In addition, this year a model with hybrid ROLL/NEGATIVE cut also joins the family, completing this great variety of gloves available in Flat, Negative and Negative cut with protections.

For the little goalkeepers of the HO SOCCER family you will find, as usual, a great variety of models in very interesting ranges.

From the basic TRAINER of the training range with mesh body, synthetic material backhand - anti abrasion and high resistance latex palm, accompanied by the already known INITIAL with striking designs, gloves with body and good performance, ideal for beginners in this exciting world of goalkeeping.

In addition this year they will have the great novelty of the INITIAL POP NEGATIVE glove, that incorporates a new latex palm called HARDSOFT+, which has Extra Grip paint inserts, providing a better grip.

As the HO SOCCER team, we hope you like this new collection as much as we do and that they will allow you to maintain the score to 0.

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