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Do you know how important is to choose a good trouser for your workourts? 


The right equipment for a goalkeeper is essential for a good development of his training.

Any goalkeeper understands the necessity to prevent injuries. It's important to be protected against continuous falls and the burns or scratches that come with it.

Wearing a good pair of trousers during training sessions can make a big difference between working comfortably and getting hurt and not being able to complete the exercises properly.

Depending on your preferences, you can find a wide selection of products for goalkeepers, depending on the type of fabric or padding you like the most.

If what you’re looking for is flexibility and lightweight goalkeeper shorts, materials such as elastane or lycra are good options as they will provide you with comfort and a wide range of movement. The LYCRA SHORT GK by HO Soccer has padding and very resistant protections on the hips, elastic waistband and great adaptability to the anatomy. Functionality and comfort are guaranteed.

short lycra gk

Perhaps what we need is robustness and a feeling of armor to feel safe. Neoprene allows us to develop the mobility we need during goalkeeper training, but at the same time to keep the hip area firm, thus feeling more secure.

In this case, we are going to love the RESISTANCE HO Soccer shorts, as they are made with this material and also incorporate side protections with high density padding, to protect us in falls. Its adjustable waistband and the internal piece for better adaptability make these shorts a fantastic choice for our training sessions.

short resistance ho soccer

Good value for money, comfort and functionality. These are the usual features we look for in a training garment. Having this type of garment from our trusted brand is synonymous with quality and durability, as everything is designed for the goalkeeper.

The LOGO HO Soccer trousers range offers us everything we look for in a goalkeeper training trousers. Professional quality, made of high quality polyester and SLIM FIT cut. They are lightweight and developed with different elastic zones for greater mobility / comfort. With padding on the hips and wider and more enveloping on the knees, they provide superior protection on synthetic and highly abrasive fields.

We can find it in its star version as long trousers up to the ankles and also in shorter versions: ¾ trousers and shorts.

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